Corporate Event Management


Conference,Dealer Meet​,Branding & Product Launch,Award Night,Roadshow & Many More


A meeting designed for discussion, consultation, and exchange of information; usually composed of general sessions and smaller group meetings to find facts and solve problems.

Dealer Meet

Energize them with ideas to meet exponential growth objectives by organizing your Dealers Meet in India’s premium tourist hub. We lend our helping hand with arranging world class sales meets, from event anchors to audio-visual infrastructure, taking care of all printing and communication needs to even helping with training companies which can use the occasion for useful training sales strategy development or training sessions.

Annual Parties

As an event management company, we provide best ideas and better services according to your budgets. Since New Year party is an important tool for social life so we organize them with proper planning. Our event planning executives plan new ideas and themes for parties. Party decoration gives some richness and boldness to festive mood.

Branding & Product Launch

We are a top branding and advertising Agencies in Udaipur, Rajasthan.We are known for building and developing brand concepts and communications between the brand and clients to help then stand out, stay relevant in the industry, and most importantly, connect with the customers and product users.Through our Best branding services in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Corporate Parties

companies in Rajasthan based at Udaipur. We have worked with many clients of repute – national and international brands across different industry verticals, and have met their corporate event management requirements successfully.


The popularity of seminar results from the distinct benefit they offer. Attendees are qualify themselves as prospects; if they weren't interested in the issue being discussed. They wouldn't come.

Promotional Activities

Brand Promotions is awareness of brand to general & target customers to make a product popular and user friendly.Brands need to realize their full potential to become super brands that will revolutionize the industry.


We will build-up stalls in exhibition area, Fabrication, Brandings, Man Power, table, chair couches, carpeting, lights etc.Interpretive exhibitions are exhibitions that require more context to explain the items being displayed. 

Award Night

New Year is the time to good-bye old times and welcome new time which will give lots of happiness and prosperous life ahead.Corporate event Management Udaipur helps in organizing New Year Parties for office team members or family members and friends which shares happiness in your life.


Udaipur, Rajasthan excitement, value, and energy are hardly matched by any other city around the world. No matter your budget, size of the roadshow, no matter your diverse needs, corporate event managementUdaipur is your one-stop service for planning, managing, and organising roadshows.